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Graceful Growth

Helping Organizations Grow Gracefully

Graceful Growth helps the organizations to grow by identifying the right levers of growth for any organization. Any business works in a complex environment with several parameters impacting the growth. Business needs a strong organization as the foundation with strong leadership. While organization development and leadership development are key levers of growth, it is important to track the performance of the organization in real time and make necessary adjustments. 

This requires understanding of the most important metrics that drive the organization. How to define them, collect them and track them! Graceful Growth Toolkit is the solution.

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Our Vision

The premier choice for MSMEs seeking growth and excellence.


Our Mission

To help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative solutions through insights

One needs to be conscious of how the business is performing in real time and need to make adjustments to make sure that it is always on the winning path.


At a high level, one can look at the balanced scorecard as the framework for defining the right metrics, however, every organization has its own context and identifying of the right parameters that are critical to growth and performance of the organization become critical. 

Gamification of business:

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What differentiates us ?

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100 years of  combined experience.

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Ability to integrate technology and business consulting seamlessly.

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Strong Academic connections bringing in technology.

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Extensive corporate exposure in business development

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Hands-on experience on Operations along with quality partner ecosystem 

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Not the usual study/advisory; but implementation support till results demonstrated.

Why Graceful Growth


Right Metrics:

We identify the most meaningful elements of your organization


Know the Current State:

Data driven decsion making and strategic planning


Motivated Team

Engaged and motivated staff

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Tracking the Performance

Increased productivity, efficiency & sustainability.

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Risk Management

Being mindful about the risks


Leadership with vision

Better informed and engaged leadership


Global ICT Standards Forum for India (GISFI, is an association of Industry, Academia and Government. It is involved in developing Telecom Standards in the Indian Context.

Graceful Growth is contributing in Service Oriented Networks and Green ICT (

Our Affiliations


Service Research and Innovation Institute is an Industry Forum with its chapters all over the world. (

Graceful Growth is responsible for the Mobile and Cloud Special Interest Group


Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management:

Graceful Growth conducts few programs like OSS/BSS, Wireless Communication

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