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Our Offerings

Our Methodology

We use our own researched and developed framework for helping organizations to transform and grow. 


Growth Blueprint

By using our model, a company is able to identify its advantages, as well as its deficiencies, and thus improve its business. The introduction of innovations and the implementation of innovative activities in companies are key for gaining a competitive advantage. 

There is no ideal model that would measure the non-financial, non-tangible perspectives of a company (such as customer perspective, the perspective of research and innovation, and the perspective of internal processes) We, therefore, use the balanced scorecard model in small- and medium-sized companies in an unique way for the assessment. 
The great importance of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) arises from the fact that they are considered as drivers of economic and employment growth. Hence, our focus is on the MSME Sector. 

Our main objective of using the framework and define the metrics was to bring together all the performance of the company and to give equal importance to all aspects of the business operations, not just financial. One of the main reasons why enterprise performance measurement was problematic is related to the fact that measuring all performance is valued solely by financial ratios. 

Consultation Expertise:

Based on the outcome of the assessment, Graceful Growth consults in the following areas :

Operational Excellence:

Graceful Growth believes that it is through Operational Excellence that the profitability can be increased. Operational excellence enables an organization to do more with the same staff through better employee engagement and streamlined processes.

Operationally excellent companies manage their operations with the goal of delivering their product or service to the customer at the exact moment they desire it, at the lowest cost, with the smallest effort, and at the price the customer wants to pay.

Focusing on operations quadrant will help in increasing the profitability. Optimization of the processes using the Theory of constraints body of knowledge is what Graceful Growth advises on. Through this it helps in bringing better processes that are flexible and optimized for the purpose.

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Business Growth

We with our unique model recognizes challenges a business is facing and help the business move forward in a prudent, realistic but visionary manner.

It is all about the revenue and the cash flow. A right strategy for the business growth is required. Graceful Growth uses the following model for advising on the revenue growth. 

Business Growth.png
Op Excellnce
Business Growth

Organizational Development

Change is the only constant in any organization. Change is connected to people — what they believe, how they think and how they act.

Graceful Growth Conducts several staff development programs connected with Change Management, Operational Excellence, Execution Methodologies, Leadership Development etc. 

Faculty Development Programs and Student Development Programs are conducted for the engineering colleges so that the Industry gets the right resources. 

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Org Dev
Financial Report


Innovation is key to growth. With the unique model of growth that uses the Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy philosophies, we guide the organizations on Innovation by creating Innovation culture in the organization.


This is through our ‘Innovation champions’ program  

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Client Testimonials

“Sureskumar of Graceful Growth’s approach to coaching is not just professional , but takes all of our goals in life into account in helping us in making the best decisions and adopt the best approaches.”

Ravindra Kumar Bhatnagar 
Analytical Investments 

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